Hmmm... I'm a pretty simple guy. I have a little boy that I adore. I love, love, LOVE going out to Don Jose's in Providence for Mexican food and margaritas with my friends. An occasional trip for sushi once in a while never hurts either. I live a bit like a red-neck farmer on my mini-ranch in Swansea. I've got a sweet tractor and we grow all kinds of veggies much to the delight of my neighbors. I love flying but don't get to do it as much as I'd like. My passion is motocross but don't get to ride as often as I'd like either. People think I'm quiet until they see me sing a Pantera song with my favorite 80's metal cover band Kobra Kai. I can fix anything. I'm never bored. I can't sit still... I like really nice things and will wait forever to afford exactly what I want. Some of my friends call me "The Mayor" because I know a lot of people in really random areas. I'm pretty artistic. I'm not afraid to try anything. I really don't like swimming in murky water... freaks me out!

I'll come up with more.